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Shooting Jury Slides for Artists

The Digital Jury Systems
Preparing Images for the ZAPP Digital Jury System
Used by art shows like Cherry Creek, Ann Arbor, Columbus and others
The Digital eJury System
Understanding the Smithsonian Craft Show Digital Jury System
Observing the Jury Process
a first hand experience by Jon Hecker
Cleaning Jury Slides with Photoshop 7
Using the new Healing Brush tool
Preparing Digital Files for Jury Slides
Shooting Jury Slides - From a Professional's Perspective
Larry Sanders discusses lighting issues and how he gets consistent results
Photography's Role in Art Shows
Selling Photography at Art Shows
Featured in the May 2003 Shutterbug Magazine
Originals, Prints and Reproductions - Photography’s Role in the Art World
Photographs are NOT reproductions and editioning is a marketing choice
Why Photographers Should be Allowed to Sell Digitally Printed Photographs at Art Shows
In response to the Coconut Grove 2004 application requirement requiring photographers to apply in the digital category if they make ink jet photographic prints
Art Shows Response to Selling Digitally Printed Photographs
Responses from Winter Park, Coconut Grove, Columbus and Larry Oliverson (former NAIA President)
What Size The Edition?
An article by Brooks Jensen, editor of LensWork Magazine
An excellent article explaining why photographs shouldn't be limited in number
The Voice of Fear Over One-Hour Photo Digitally Produced Prints
The Changing Face of Photography
A paper that describes how the definition of photography has evolved with the changes in technology
Art Show Information
A novel idea to help artists attend more than one show to minimize travel expenses
The 2004 NAIA Artist Conference
Feb 18-19 Lake Worth Florida
The Ann Arbor Mystique
The largest, most profitable art show location in the country
An interview with Art Show Promoter Howard Alan
At the Shadyside Arts Festival in Pittsburgh August 2003
Sales Is Not A Four Letter Word
by Kathy Bauer of Fine Print
Art Show Display
Supporting the Roof of an EZ Up or Caravan Canopy
Preparing prints for Display and Sale
Using Clear Bags to protect your artwork
Self Promotion and your Booth Sign and Artist Statement
Use it to promote your web site for additional sales
Point of Purchase Credit Card Number Truncation
A new bank requirement
Postcard Holder
Hangs on Wall of your Booth or Sit on your Desk
A Folding Framing Table that Fits Behind (or in) Your Booth
16x20 Display Bin
How a small investment allows me to make extra money each week by selling existing old inventory
Weights to Hold Your Booth Down in the Wind
Concrete filled PVC Weight
 from the Craft Hut information
22x28 Display Bin
A gallery style bin purchased from Selwyns
No tools required for assembly - perfect for art shows
Securing your Framed Photographs to Grid Walls
How to stabilize your racks without those feet that trip people
Larry's Humorous 2004 booth picture taken with a fisheye lens
Don't use this as an example for your own booth slide
Larry's 1978 and 1990 Booth Slide
For a humorous look 30 years into the past
Selling On The Internet
Promoting a Fine Art Web Site
Some techniques that worked for me and some that didn't
Selling Photography on eBay
First hand experience from Chris and Larry
Written for Shutterbug Magazine
Preparing Images for the Web
Or submission to this web site

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