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16x20 Display Bin
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I'm using a commercially manufactured bin for larger sizes

With the slow downslide in sales and raising costs of some art shows, it's become more important than ever to cut back on expenses and material costs. Years ago, due to the space limitation in my booth, I had stopped carrying the outer mat size photographs in 16x20. With my recent purchase of a set of ProPanels and new display layout, I've found that I can now display more photographs and have more room for unframed bins. To match my light gray ProPanels, I had a wooden display box built for 16x20 matted prints and painted it black. It enabled me to sell matted photographs that had been stored in the garage for years and has added some extra money each week to my gross. The display bin sits on two storage boxes of back up stock and the prints are stored in the bin itself when traveling. Total cost was approximately $100 from a local carpenter who worked from my diagram. I also had additional boxes made to carry extra inventory in the van. The same principals apply to any size you want to produce. The best display bins allow inventory storage underneath without wasting space.

Display bin contains storage for both matted and framed 16x20's underneath and is accessible from the back. The box for the framed 16x20's will be carpeted so as not to have the glass break when traveling.

The boxes (left) rest on the base (above) which has two inch wheels to make it easier to move around within the booth. The wheels also serve to keep the boxes and inventory off the ground in case of rain.


The bin (left) sitting on the saw horses that I used to rest it on while I painted it.

Outer dimensions for the bin
Front - 18
Depth - 17-1/2
Height - 19
Front Lip (beveled at top) - 9

Base is 17-1/2x18

Boxes takes framed (and matted)16x20's and is 22 inches height when turned vertically to be used in the display.


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