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Marc Goldring
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Marc Goldring
70 Chestnut St.
Brookline, MA 02445
Web Site
One of the things I like about taking pictures is that it causes me to look more ≠ and, sometimes, more deeply ≠ at whatís in front of me. I have gotten into the habit of seeing smaller sections of my world, of a size suitable for framing. Whether I have the camera with me or not, I often find myself seeing things that gain in importance as they are separated from their surroundings. That often gives them a power and a beauty that is worth capturing ≠ and sharing.

The exercise of framing helps me remember what a uniquely beautiful and glorious world we inhabit, something I donít always remember. Not just obvious beautiful places, but the vast array of intimate, randomly composed spots that we often walk by ≠ especially in cities ≠ without noticing. I enjoy the small details of buildings and the structured chaos of construction sites, the impeccable flower bud and the winding weed and, always, the incongruous, striking, and amusing.

Ultimately I want to see the world this way more of the time ≠ finding the beauty that is indeed there, even though it is often obscure, requiring patience and attentiveness to find. I may not capture what my eye and heart sense, but this practice ≠ and this sharing ≠ reflect a deep part of myself.

Member List

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