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E-mail Collection Form
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We called this the "Ann Arbor Opportunity" Collect the names and e-mail addresses of your potential web site customers, even if you don't have a web site yet. When your web site is finished, you'll be able to notify hundreds of people and start selling from the first day.

*Tip: be sure to have an e-mail collection form on your web site to convert those street addresses to e-mail addresses when you send out postcards notifying your existing customers of your new web site.

Click here to download this form as a Word doc

Click on the form to download the PDF version
Each 8 1/2 x 11 sheet has space for 20 contacts
(We recommend taking zip codes so your e-mail can be location targeted - 
not send an e-mail to someone in California about a show in New York)

download our e-mail form as a Microsoft Word Doc
If you want to personalized it with your name or web site URL
download our e-mail form as a PDF file
Click here if you need Adobe's Acrobat Reader

If anybody has a question or has problems with these files e-mail me.

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